Anna Biller Filmmaker


Musical Extravaganza, 70 mins.

Still from THE LADY CAT

Music, book and lyrics by Anna Biller
Starring: Anna Biller, Jared Sanford, Barry Morse, Ingrid Downs, Samantha Winic, Robert Greene, Ryan Hill, Mimi McCormick

"Devils, clowns, showgirls, drag acts, and 'pouty French girls' are just some of the delights in store for you in The Lady Cat, an hour long 'musical extravaganza' written, scored, designed, and choreographed by Anna Biller. Biller, who also stars, garnered raves for her 1994 film Three Examples of Myself as Queen; The Lady Cat... features eight performers in a distinctly non-Andrew Lloyd Weber examination of 'dignity in feminine glamour.'" -Dan Epstein, L.A. Reader

"Anna Biller's 'musical extravaganza' is... wonderfully mad, a window into the sweetly idiosyncratic world of its creator. Biller, who's responsible for all of the show's writing, staging, and design, plays the titular feline, a strange werecat who lives in a castle and whom like her attendants (Ingrid Downs, Samantha Winic, Mimi McCormick), wears late-19th-century dresses and speaks in the stilted cadences of a long-ago romanticism. (Biller is also made up with wisps of blond fur and whiskers, along with a pair of large pink ears.) The show's numbers about picnics, springtime and shopping mostly emulate Victorian music hall tunes, although they occasionally (and this is part of The Lady Cat's nutty charm) swing inconsistently into other genres...On opening night, technical problems made the tunes sound mostly undersung, and the choreography was painfully tentative at times, but the show is so different from anything you've seen that in the end none of this matters." -Steven Mikulan, L.A. Weekly

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