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It's a freeing movie, and I think {Biller} understands the point they were trying to make with those movies--that sex isn't dirty and should be explored from every angle. And in this film, they really do use every angle! --Jonathan

Every flick that filmmaker Anna Biller cranks out is amazingly groovy. They always somehow capture the right color scheme, look, and feel of the flicks and sleazy pulps from the 60's and 70's. In the category of ingenuity, few can compare with Viva. --Sara

I detected 41 distinct flavors of sexiness. --Jason

I might even move to that state where you can marry more than one person so I could also marry VIVA. I love it that much. I want my pressbook autographed, Ms Biller. I love how it looks and behaves exactly like the vintage ones! Perfect for a movie that is so convincingly retro that there's nothing to give away the fact that it wasn't made 35 years ago. --Andrew

The best way VIVA reminded me of the old films was its feeling of fresh, immediate, larger-than-life presence, which is what I always look for. --Randy

I saw Viva at the Roxie in San Francisco last week and just had to let you know that it knocked my socks off! The wardrobing, sets, lighting and your dead-on use of color are delicious and inspiring... --Jennifer

I don't know if you noticed it, but you were quite the cult movie at the {Rotterdam Film} festival. An American friend of mine went crazy over the food table scene (he said he remembers similar smorgasbords from when he was a child), another friend was a fan of the music (she likes the horse song especially). I loved how you captured the campy/creepy ambivalence of these sexploitation films. --Robert

Fantastically well put together, but had meaning... --Claire

I was absolutely floored by its spirit, creativity and vision; the film still resonates with me. --Abe

My wife and I saw Viva in San Francisco the other day, and can't stop telling people about it! --Bruce

Viva is wonderful piece of work. On many levels and all great. What makes it great is...basically you! It is your point of view or your attitude that makes that social history interesting. "Viva" to me is fantasy. But it is a fantasy of someone who lives like those characters in the movie. The Orgy scene is incredible. The pacing and shots are awesome. It's really intense. --Tosh

I thought it was marvelous. It had "that Biller touch"--a wonderful blend of the sumptuous and the preposterous. I especially envy anyone who stumbles across it by accident. As with all my favorite films, VIVA offers and alternate reality that I would gladly inhabit--the complete antithesis of pretty much everything else on the marketplace these days. --Marshall

I really enjoyed Viva. The take off of the '70s style acting came across so amusing. Your attention to all the details of the film is what made it really work. The music and your animation were terrific. I haven't laughed so much at a film for some time. --Robert

Just wanted to reiterate how much my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed VIVA last night. It is a monumental undertaking and you executed it so effortlessly. --Barry

Wow, that was... AMAZING! EPIC! not since POLYESTER have I seen a director transform THAT much from project to project! --Dave

It's a hell of an achievement and one that will force people to take you very seriously as a filmmaker. Obviously, lots of feedback. I'd say THE universal theme was "I have never seen a film like that. Ever!" --John

I had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed Viva! I brought two of my girlfriends out with me and we all were so excited and amazed. I love the look and feel, I love all of the authentic touches, the wigs, the clothes, the sets--my god! the sets!! --Sonya

There is more truth (about men and women in life off the screen) in the artificiality of VIVA than in a hundred imitation cinema verité attempts at "reality." --Mitch

This clearly your best work ever. it not only entertains but also subverts from within, which is my definition of high art. Your work produces (at least in me) a strange, uneasy tension. I actually laughed so much I hope I didn't embarrass you. My friend mentioned it to me afterwards. "You sure did laugh." I said, "It's to lessen the tension." and I went on to espouse how without the laughter, the painful truths of your work make it hard for me to watch. --Dave

I loved your film. I thought it was the best film at the {Rotterdam Film} festival. --Olna

Why do I get the feeling that this film is so subversive? --Mica

I often find that films that try very hard to approximate a past, derogated moment in film/history (often the '60s/'70s) often try too hard to BE campy and ultimately really fail. Whereas your film has this delicacy in its approach in a way, because the painful recognition in watching a '60s sexploitation film often leads the audience resort to deep condescension. And your film doesn't quite do this, it takes the genre seriously, while simultaneously questioning its embedded assumptions. --Elena

First, I don't think words can express how much I enjoyed Viva. Viva for me was one of those rare experiences when I knew I was watching something very special, something that comes along seldom in a lifetime, and I have to admit I was absolutely giddy before the credits had even ended. I'm so smitten with the way you managed to capture the feel of old Eastman-Kodak stock. Your editing, by the way, is impeccable. --Tony

My wife and I went to see VIVA and I just wanted to let you know how much we both thoroughly enjoyed the film. It was so remarkably dead-on, but was also somehow so fresh and exciting at the same time. I felt so “at home” watching VIVA I nearly kicked off my shoes and got up to pour a glass of Dewar’s! --Robert

I had a blast watching the film and was truly blown away by its beauty. You have created something wild and wonderful my friend. --Paolo

I was thoroughly thrilled with Viva. Visually stunning (pitch-perfect actually), but I felt it contained a forward thinking message of self-discovery and self-awareness at the core, which elevated it far above any ordinary pastiche or parody. I think you should sell it as a sexploitation film AND a heady art film. The best trash/exploitation films have aways contained a strong thematic (Romero, Jack Hill, some Corman) and you just have to trust the old cliché that the cream will rise to the top. --Mark

I had to check...more than once, to assure myself this movie was made in 2007. --Kai

There's only one way to describe your film and that's FABULOUS!! I've just finished watching Viva - what a great piece of work! I loved it. I think it's going become a cult classic and quite possibly be regarded as a minor masterpiece! --Megan

I used to think "Belle du Jour" was a masterpiece but after seeing Viva, I now just think it's a really good movie. --Elizabeth

The visual stimulation was incredibly intense and I found myself repeatedly thinking about associations between the content and form it was being presented in. It's not every day one is presented with intellectual and socially relevant camp (perhaps this will become a new sub-genre of filmmaking) not to mention the sets and goddamn beautiful art direction and cinematography. --Karl

I watched VIVA last night, and I was oddly fascinated by it. The deliberately campy nature of the performances was fantastic and helped to make an even stronger statement about society during that time. I suspect it’s a film that has audiences discussing more than just bare breasts when they leave the theatre. --Rich

I just watched Viva. What I appreciated mostly, besides the good sense of irony, is the uplifting and positive energy the film has. There are many good details and characters, but most of all I liked the feeling the film had. There is so much negative violence and emptiness everywhere. Your film is really the opposite of that. --Constantin

Viva is falsely presented as a commercial sexploitation comedy or a pastiche, but it would be better classified as an art film and placed in a projection room at MOMA, the Tate Modern or the Pompidou Center. Anna Biller has therefore made a entirely personal work, a work of contemporary art. This is not a sexploitation film, but a reflection on the codes of the sexploitation; not a pastiche of early ‘70s films, but an examination of these films. And foremost, this is not a fiction film, it’s a conceptual film, whose nuances contain a sacred significance. Once all of this is understood and accepted, Viva becomes a really exciting work in addition to being totally original. --Tom

Honestly VIVA rules. Those luscious colors. Pure candy. It's just beautiful to look at. Just yummy. The way you appropriated sexploitation is interesting to me though: without over-intellectualizing it, your approach is both kind and forgiving. It also gently satirizes the idea of male entitlement. Just a lot of thought and ideas in VIVA I could go on about. It was really bold of you to make it. It deserves a major cult following -- and if this were the age of midnight movies -- it would have it." --Richard

Thank You for ending the long tradition of watered down nostalgia stylings in film. No one ever seems to put LOVE into it like you did. --Harry

Every single frame of your epic vision was more delicious than the last. I just spent the most wonderful evening with friends enjoying every morsel of it and we are all changed men for it. --Arge

I just saw Viva - it was daring, funny, and you empowered women just by making it. --John

Cinematically, I really like "Viva" for it's originality of vision. Sure, the sets, wardrobe and make-up are close to something like "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls," but where Russ is aiming at a racy pre-MTV, soft-porn estravaganza, "Viva" is a more contemplative and character-focused exercise in style. Above all, "Viva" has a feminine personality of it's own." --Carlos

I just saw Viva last night. I think that it is GREAT ART. From the beginning, I recognized the great production design and camp approach to period storytelling. The fact that your vision was powerful enough to not be eclipsed by the colorful visuals, campy narrative style, or eroticism is an admirable accomplishment. The underlying narrative of your film is universal, and I see everything else (the visuals, the dialog) is like a lens for communicating that narrative. Overall, it is quite a sad depiction of woman's plight in the world.--Scott