Anna Biller Filmmaker and Author


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Elaine's shrine to the men she has loved
Richard (Robert Seeley) drinks a love potion
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) wields a knife, ready to attack
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) performs a spell on a Pentagram Rug
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) comforts Wayne (Jeffrey Vincent Parise)
Trish (Laura Waddell) is bewitched by Elaine's makeup table, wig, and lingerie
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) is initiated into witchcraft by the coven
Elaine and Griff are wed in a mock wedding ceremony
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) bewitches with her eyes
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) in the pink Victorian tea room
Elaine (Samantha Robinson) makes crafts and love potions in her creepy Victorian apartment
Jared Sanford and Jennifer Ingrum are High Priest and Priestess at a witch circle